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John Lewis

"Tracey has proved to be extremely reliable, flexible and accommodating with appointments. She has a great understanding of our business and works with both myself and the Partners to help them return to work at the earliest opportunity. Many of the Partners have commented how quickly Tracey helped them identify what lay behind the issues they were facing, and worked with them to develop tools and strategies that they could implement in their lives. I would recommend Tracey to any organisation, or personally, for her professional, courteous and effective approach"

Occupational Health Advisor, The John Lewis Partnership


"I had 12 sessions with Tracey this year and have undoubtedly seen a strong positive impact in my life. I was initially sceptical to use Zoom, however the sessions were productive, supportive and comparable to an in-person conversation. Tracey has many years of experience as a counsellor. From anxiety to deep rooted family trauma, Tracey was there to support me every step of the way. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of counselling. "

SN, Client from an Employee Assistant Program


"When I came to see Tracey I was unsure whether to go back on anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medication. I felt overwhelmed. Tracey helped me look at the different aspects of my life and has helped me find balance and implement self-help strategies. I don’t need the medication. I feel so much more in control."

Business Owner Business Owner and mum of 2

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‘I'm delighted BUPA referred me to Tracey for my crippling anxiety. She quickly helped me develop techniques to manage the anxiety and also helped me understand that this was triggered by two significant transitions in my life, which I hadn't accepted. I fully endorse Tracey's care, competence and insight’ 

A Corporate Director 

"Tracey has been life changing for me. Prior to my sessions I found the demands of work very stressful and I always felt unable to share my struggles and celebrate my successes. Tracey has become an empathic ear who provides the perfect balance of praise and challenge. She enables me to reflect and empowers me to find my own solutions. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a counsellor. She is very professional and will give you the space and time to think and speak."

Sports Broadcaster and an Inspirational Speaker


I have continued with my gratitude list at the end of the day and am also incorporating short daily meditations as well as my morning walks. Self-care is more important than ever. I often think of my brother and how he might have coped. I’m at peace with his death thanks to your support. I can’t thank you enough.


marketing director

"I came to see Tracey as a senior manager in a rapidly growing business and mother of two primary school children. I was losing confidence and feeling increasingly negative. Tracey talked through my challenges, gave me coping strategies and helped me regain control that I felt I had lost. Her business experience meant she offered practical solutions to workplace issues and relationships and I was able to develop a much more positive outlook in all areas of my life again."

Marketing Director


‘Tracey has provided invaluable support to my late teenage son who is on the autistic spectrum. She gained a real understanding of his needs and provided him with the strategies to help him deal with the difficulties he was facing.’

SM,  Mother

"Tracey  has worked at The Henley College as a College Counsellor for 12 years.  In that time, she has counselled and supported many young people whilst they have studied with us,  and has helped them with a huge breadth of issues ranging from loneliness, stress, anxiety, problems at home or with friendship groups,  depression and other significant poor mental health conditions.  She has counselled staff on how to keep our students safe and has worked with those students and staff who have supported others to ensure they look after themselves too.  The service she has provided has meant many, many students have completed their studies with us and transitioned successfully to university or the world of work, with the skills and knowledge needed to be safe and resilient." 

 KC: Head of Student Services at the Henley College  
Henley College
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