My Work

My work is flexible, focused on each individual client. People may present with similar issues but what works with one client is often different to what works for someone else. I listen empathically to you and help you work out what is behind the difficulties that have brought you to counselling. I can help you develop an understanding of yourself, your values, strengths and beliefs, and help you recognise your authentic self.  Then we can explore techniques that may help you and the choices you face.

What differentiates my work is the way in which I bring together my life experiences, my previous business career, over 17 years counselling experience and my ongoing professional training and am able to apply them to your situation. I follow the latest research and guidance, and blend this with my intuition, insight and empathy to help you, rather than following a pre-set programme.

Supporting my general counselling work, there are four areas core areas where I am most experienced:





Counselling Business



Counselling using CBT and Mindfulness 


Counselling using Positive Psychology and Coaching Techniques